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Clear Dermis

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Clear Dermis line is the latest scientific development in preparation of treatment cosmetics; cosmetics which not only have superficial but also biological effects. That’s why you can’t buy this line in any store, but you can find Clear Dermis in the medical offices or estheticians centers.

It is not our goal to initiate uninformed sales, we are here to help you gain knowledge of how to maintain healthy young looking skin and prevent early aging of your skin.

Clear Dermis line includes all necessary products for skin care for different skin type, color and conditions. It works as a treatment and as prevention.

These are some benefits of the Clear Dermis line:

Increases turgor and firmness of the skin.
Long-lasting moisturizing activity on the skin.
Shrinking large pores, decreasing oiliness.
Stimulating the contraction of collagen fibers.
Protecting fibroblasts against free radicals and also protecting elastin.
Lightening the pigments and evening skin color and tone.
Decreasing inflammation and have soothing activity.
Improving the condition of photo-damaged skin both at epidermal and dermal levels.
Breaking the acne cycle.
Sun protection with a minimal amount of chemicals.

All these benefits can be achieved with Clear Dermis products, by regular and customer designed protocol.


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